Had so much fun chatting with my friend, former F-18 fighter pilot and five-time best seller Ed Rush on How to Train Leaders Who Change the World. Ed hosts a daily show (ED TALKS) that is an antidote to the anxiety of the current health crisis. You can find his show on YouTube.

Some areas we covered during our time together:

  • Challenge of national leadership and leadership during this time (exponential tech but not improving choice-making)
  • Reasons: Information access not supporting leader decision clarity (discoherence, intentional disinformation)
  • The role of bias in limiting possibilities and decisions [confirmation bias and developmental/consciousness bias (ego-centric, ethno-centric, world-centric)]
  • How “us vs. them” dynamics and bias, born of win-lose orientations, limit choices and sub-optimize decisions
  • Barriers to creating dynamic skill (the “faster” problem, the “more” problem, compromised motivation, compromised strategy)
  • Domains leaders should prioritize for developing skill (attention, relational, thinking, personal agency)
  • Daily ritual to support simultaneously improving attentional and thinking skills

Hope you can harvest something of value for your context!

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