One thing that stands out about Scott versus other resources we have used is his experience leading large businesses that enabled him to bring in commercial and operational perspectives we had not previously considered. I noticed our senior team discussions filled with new excitement and a sense of possibility, even in members who usually are more reserved and resistant to new ideas. Scott brings a depth of business acumen, soft skills, and strategies on development/new capabilities that helped inform how we think about improving our competitiveness. We enjoyed his hands-on, immersive approach, which moved between new ideas and practical execution.

President | CEO

What I most appreciate is how Scott’s board involvement has deepened clarity and shared meaning. Scott receives other’s perspective without filtering and judgment, gets beyond surface-level reporting to explore hidden forces impacting company results, and shares diverse views and experiences from his network and clients. His contributions expand the board’s exploration of the best way forward and inspire the management team’s commitment to decisions. His assessment and insight on management team functioning during the board’s CEO-only section creates a roadmap for owner’s to develop their team.


CEO | Board Member x4

Scott has an uncanny ability to speak from the destination. What I mean is, he speaks from the desired state you want to reach. And, precisely because he is already there, he engages you in inquiries you have never considered and delivers challenges that go straight to the heart of the matter. Through support and measured challenge, he disrupts habitual ways of thinking, guides you to perspectives outside your view, and supports you for actions and counterintuitive moves you and your organization would have never considered.



Scott observed a variety of our meetings over time, giving him an intimate sense of how we functioned as a team and board, and he leveraged those observations to suggest small changes that had an outsized impact on our group function and results. He helped us to pause, eliminate the noise, and begin to work on the fundamental things – including the awareness that we, as leaders had created the culture we wanted to change. Scott created a relationship where I could be completely transparent without any fear. He challenged me to lean into difficult situations, and the entire organization was better off.



Scott has given us a deeper appreciation of the importance of Mission and Strategy – how they can inspire people to bring new energy to our aspirations. His guidance has informed better choices, clearer priorities, and a new level of commitment.  



In every conversation, whether I think my groups are humming along smoothly or we are jumping through a crisis, Scott sees new possibilities – ways we/I can be better, more effective. Scott doesn’t tell me what I want to hear, he tells me what I need to hear. It was evident in my first meeting that Scott has my best interest at heart and that I can trust him with my feelings and fears without judgment. He brings me to the edge of my comfort zone, but simultaneously supports me in taking on something frightening. In every case, I’ve been surprised at how the strategies and preparation he has taught me have allowed me to push through and achieve the outcomes I desired. Busting through my own limitations has been truly liberating!



Scott cut through our complexity like a hot knife through butter. He effortlessly identified the forces holding us back and provided a roadmap to more impactful choices required to achieve next-level growth.


Executive Chairman

I’ve rarely witnessed a board member who can hold the big picture as well as understanding what’s happening on the factory floor so completely. Scott sees through the noise. His interactions not only align stakeholders around the right problem, but also go further in exposing potential levers to pull and when to pull them. The depth of knowledge across all functions and ability to connect at all levels is extraordinary.

CEO | Board Member x4

Scott’s ability to identify previously unseen problems, co-create new solutions, and shepherd our senior team in executing innovative strategies tailored to our organization sets him apart from other coaches and consultants. Every conservation elicits the depth and breadth of someone who has been in the trenches!



Scott’s capacity to hold different, and sometimes contentious, perspectives and then navigate diverse leadership teams back into alignment while simultaneously building collective commitment is unprecedented in my experience.



When our Chairman/CEO brought Scott in, I wasn’t sure it would change anything. Having been through just about every type of leadership development that exists at organizations large and small, I knew the task in front of him was significant. We had quality people but were stuck, and had been stuck for years, from a combination of less than optimal choices, inconsistency in our execution and lack of transparency in our senior team. We were operating the ship without a rudder, bouncing from crisis to crisis. Said simply, he’s transformed the way we work and work together.   



Every conversation with Scott results in improved clarity and new, exciting possibilities. He’s exceptional at helping refine ideas and make them more actionable by detailing, step by step, the path forward. He brings certainty to the things we pursue as a team, uniquely offering just the right tool or technique for the task.  Scott’s coaching and development efforts have created a completely different aliveness and commitment to our work.



The “Machine” was running, but not on all cylinders.  Scott’s approach helped us question, and then realize, the value and worth of the people in our organization. By embedding more humanity into our strategies, the organization is healthier, customers are happier, and revenue growth is better than it has been in years.


Engineering & Manufacturing

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