Recently, I was impressed by a post-game interview with Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown, two stars from the NFL’s winningest team.

As you read Jalen’s comments below, imagine if your organization’s performers were infected with his vision, his continuous improvement mindset, and his obsession with mastering the details.

Jalen Hurts:

We are Chasing Greatness.

AJ Brown:

Jalen wants to be great. He wants the people around him to be great.

Jalen Hurts:

It’s a thing of diligence. It takes a lot of diligence. It takes a lot of focus. Everybody has to know their job, and everybody has to be able to dominate their box. We had situations early in the game where we held ourselves back. It’s about the little things. It’s about the details.

We did a good enough job today. We got the result we wanted. There’s a lot to learn from still. We want to learn from those things and move forward. There’s more out there for us to do.

I love his vision for himself and his team – greatness! I also love his attitude – the hunger to learn – to face reality and use it to get better. He sees feedback and mistakes as opportunities rather than threats to his identity.

As a leader, how are you creating environments where your performers willingly give their best efforts rather than denying reality or playing it safe? If you successfully created this environment, is there anything you couldn’t accomplish together?

PS – Jalen’s comments start at the 1 min. mark:

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