Life in the Fast Lane

As a leader, your world is consumed by unrelenting demands, including living up to others’ expectations and your own.

If things are going well, you will hardly notice. When things are challenging, carrying the weight of these expectations can bring anxiety, frustration, and self-doubt.

If your leadership actions are being shaped by all the things you think you should be doing, your impulse will be to push harder and go faster.

Unfortunately, falling back on those reactive strategies poses significant risks to your future.

Make a Change

Have you ever wondered who you must become to rise above these forces?

Nothing Will Change Until You Do

Leaders incorrectly assume that if they go to work every day, they are getting better.

Like any other performer, leaders can only improve if they are intentionally training their performance ability.

While counterintuitive, improving performance is rarely about trying harder, but rather trying differently.

If you want to free yourself from outdated conventions and formulas, going beyond what you currently know and can do, you have found a community to develop those next-level capabilities.

If you are interested in being on a path to become an extraordinary leader, please read on.

Current Approaches Fall Short

Organizations invest enormous sums of money in speakers, training workshops, or employing coaches, many of whom operate from pre-packaged methods. These interventions largely fail to address the emerging needs of the modern leader.

While these choices can provide valuable short-term motivation and insight, they are too reactive, disjointed, and episodic to deliver sustained impact. New post-methodological approaches to leader development are required.




Speakers & Books


Expose leaders to novel ideas with a dose of inspiration and motivation.


Passive information intake and lack of application are insufficient for durable learning and skill building.



Discussions and exercises can be entertaining and extend exposure to new concepts.


Familiarity creates the illusion of knowing. Knowledge is not enough by itself to build new skills.



Support leaders for seeing themselves and others more clearly during today’s crisis, including surfacing new ways to respond.


Regress to sounding board conversations that lack a defined development path. Coaches are often missing deep business acumen and scaling expertise.

Peer Discussion Groups


Reduce leaders’ sense of isolation by providing a confidential sounding board among peers who face, or have faced, similar problems.


A group’s cognitive and emotional abilities don’t sustainably grow. Session lack the practice, feedback, and striving required to grow skill.

What would happen if you maintained a full-year focus on expanding your response-ability?

What The Extraordinary Do Instead

They stop wandering! Instead, they shift their attention to enduring principles that allow them to achieve more with less wasted effort.

Unlike the tactical choices above, greater mastery requires more clarity, focus, and time accruing the necessary enduring skills.

Durable learning requires:

  • Sustained inquiry to deepen understanding
  • Daily practices to support new ways of being
  • Sequenced instruction to scaffold skill
  • Like-minded community aspiring to a higher standard
  • Retreats to deepen principles and foster connection

These elements are woven into A Year of Extraordinary Leadership.

There has been no tradition for developing virtuosity in business leaders – until now.

The secret to Becoming Practiced

To successfully shift away from conditioned ways of leading, you must dedicate time to deepen your understanding of enduring principles. Then this knowledge must be transformed into trustable skills through practice.

Getting better at anything requires continued repetition and integration. This timeless truth informs the year-long container.

Current State Assessment

Understand an accepted leader’s current context, state of development, and desires.

Monthly Practice Cycle

Revisiting and reapplying the “what” & “how” through dynamic conversations to achieve embodied skill. Adjusting principles for each leader’s context, fueling motivation and follow-through.

  • Implementation Follow Up Calls – Accelerate learning by rapidly overcoming issues as a group to maintain implementation momentum
  • Bi-Weekly Partner Calls – High-performance peer cohorts drive support, challenge, and accountability.
  • Weekly Training Practices – Continue to broaden and deepen knowledge of principles and how to incorporate into daily work
  • Performance Journaling – Confidential, transparent assessments used to measure learning and overcome roadblocks

Ad Hoc Performance Coaching Calls (as needed)

Personalized support for individual and contextual challenges.

Two-Day Retreats

Intensive, focused practice deepens the quality of your thinking and your ability to enact that thinking, further sustaining change efforts

What would it be like to get serious about becoming an extraordinary leader?

Better Performers Create Better Performances

A Year of Extraordinary Leadership focuses on building the enduring competencies that will allow leaders to operate outside of conventional paradigms, including initiating and embodying new ways of being in the world.

Module 1: Leading Self

Discover how habitual patterns are limiting possibilities, damaging relationships, and obstructing progress. Create vibrant practices to break your limiting patterns.

Module 2: Seeing More Accurately

Deepen your capacity for inquiry so you can perceive your world, and the underlying forces, more accurately.

Module 3: Becoming More Creative

Cultivate ways to operate outside of conventional paradigms, including initiating new thinking and direction.

Module 4: Expanding Your Ability to Act Skillfully

Move beyond ideas to develop greater adaptive capacity and range to navigate your environment more skillfully.

Module 5: Deepening Your Personal Connection

Developed more sophisticated relationship skills to better navigate conflict and breakdowns.

Module 6: Scaling Trust & Excellence

Build greater organizational coherence, coordination, and commitment as your organization implements new choices.

Our community of practice understands that knowledge without skilled application is not enough to change your circumstances.

Developing dynamic skill requires practice, feedback, reflection, and integration. This development requires a high-trust community of like-minded practitioners.

What would it be like to live more skillfully in the world?

Holistic approaches support improved performance

When new skills were activated in 2016, breakthrough results followed.

Employee NPS  +36 pts.

Customer NPS  +39 pts.

EBITDA($) increased > 50%

EBITDA(%)  increased > 50%

>$400M in Organic Value Creation

2018 Industry Recognition:

  • Most Improved Vendor Award
  • Most Trusted Vendor Award
  • Best in Class Award

You are not a product of your circumstances, but rather your decisions.


If you are not willing and committed to going through the sometimes frustrating and challenging process required to grow new skills, you won’t benefit from this community.

This program is for leaders who are hungry to be more and do more, yet are challenged to move beyond fire fighting and being held hostage by short-term demands.

Qualified Candidates
(aka The Strivers)


Created for leaders...

  • desiring greater success and meaning
  • with sincere humility in search of better answers
  • seeking to expose their gaps and push their limits
  • longing for deeper relationships that support their sincere desires and best efforts

Not Ready
(aka The Content)


Not a fit for leaders...

  • content with their current success
  • believing they have all the answers
  • desiring the comfort of what they already know
  • comfortable in their current relationships

If you are an ambitious learner with the maturity and sincere commitment to deepen your understanding and practice, so you can operate in your business and life with more wisdom, elegance, and effortlessness, you have found the community to develop those capacities.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is this different than a CEO discussion group?

Professional networking organizations offer access to educational resources as well as intimate spaces for discussion and advice. These groups are meaningful, but their value is limited if the goal is to advance one’s ability to operate more skillfully in the world.

This program IS NOT… This program IS…
A peer discussion or advisory group that gives advice or shares experiences based on meandering topics driven by the crisis of the day. A sustained, sincere exploration that sustainably broadens your perspective and deepens your discernment and abilities through inquiries and experiential practice.
A confidential environment where the advice today helps, but doesn’t build future-readiness. Designed to cultivate a vibrant leadership practice where you broaden your mental models and develop dynamic skills to enrich your life and elevate your performance ability.
An unsequenced series of speakers and books that expose you to new ideas to add to your list of things to implement. A place to break the habit of consuming more advice and knowledge. Knowledge is necessary but insufficient in building reliable skills.
Talk of accountability but no structured interactions or  intent for meaningful new action between meetings. A dedicated community of practitioners committed to cultivating excellence by pushing their abilities as a way of life. Accountability that both supports and challenges you as you become a more potent instrument of service to those you serve.


Is this program right for me?

No one can be taught unless they are ready and willing to learn. If you are looking for a few silver bullets on a particular problem area in your leadership or business, this community is not for you.

Getting more out of your leadership journey will involved broadening your perspective and deepening your discernment.

Instead of looking for solutions to a particular problem, you need to take a fresh look at how you approach leading.

Instead of filtering information based on your preferences, you will have to open yourself up to what’s possible.

If you do, you can experience more enjoyment and success from leading in a whole new way.

Is there a lot of reading to do?


I’ve led enough organizations to know that your life has extensive demands and the last thing you need is the stress that comes with keeping up with a long reading list. A major component of the value from this course is separating the signal from the noise in today’s business books. It’s also about breaking the unconscious pattern of acquiring more information, so you can put your attention where it belongs – logging time transforming knowledge into skill.

Throughout the year, you will get regular updates with suggested short readings, videos and other resources you might find useful and inspiring.

Do we have accountability partners throughout the whole year?

Absolutely. Over the course of the year, you’ll be guided through a series of training inquiries that will refine your understanding and experience of being practiced. In so doing, you strengthen your self-inquiry, but also your capacity for deep connection with others.

By the end of the year, you’ll have developed powerful skills for your leadership practice, for understanding the nature of the forces at play in your environments, and a way of relating better to others.

You’re expected to be wholehearted in acting on your commitments and transparently sharing your experience in the 1:1 partnership with your assigned partner each month. Partners will meet two times per month to support and challenge one another to lean into their growing edge. Ambitious participants may strive for standup meetings weekly to accelerate their development.

What if I miss a session?

Life happens. To keep pace, you are expected to make a committed effort to be part of both group learning and regular 1:1 partner sessions. Making meaningful promises, and keeping them, are part of the muscle that trustworthy leaders must build.

Elite athletes don’t let their trainers down and they train even on days they don’t want to train. They do what they committed to do even when it’s not convenient. Doing so deepens character development.


What if I get too busy to participate in sessions?

Your acceptance into the program assumes you are making this program a priority in your life. Making meaningful promises and keeping them is fundamental to effective leadership.

If your attendance drops below 90%, we will have a conversation about your intention and what support you may need to stay engaged. If your participation remains low, you may be asked to withdraw. Please carefully consider whether you can make this commitment.

What are the requirements for applying?

Sincerity is the most important attribute because effort is required to build and deepen new skills. You must be earnest in your desire to enact more powerful forms of leadership and you must want it more than I want it for you.

Whole-hearted participation is essential not just for you, but the rest of your cohort. Improving your performance necessitates higher standards.

Being trustworthy, in part, means making and keeping meaningful promises to yourself and others, including knowing how to structure your time to keep commitments even when it’s not convenient.

The prerequisite panel above should assist in determining if this community is a fit for you.

What is the purpose of the retreats?

Retreats have a specific theme and are heavily experiential. They are a profound way to improve your mental representations and build increasingly trustable skill. Retreats stoke motivation and reinforce your ability to see and act more powerfully in the world.

The relationships you develop through this year of single-minded focus will not be surface-level. Retreats deepen the connection and support you feel with your cohort, helping you develop fifteen new lifelines you can activate any time you need them not only during the year, but for your lifetime.



The world needs a different kind of leader

The Elite Leadership Project aspires to build a lineage of ethical leaders capable of meeting the unique challenges of our time.

Tomorrow’s exemplary leaders recognize that while they will never arrive, they must continually become more if they are to achieve greater impact.

Our Fellows train to rise and meet the world’s call.

A Year of Extraordinary Leadership is the foundational inquiry in the Elite Leadership Fellowship. It’s for leaders deliberately pushing themselves to live into their full potential.

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